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Resurrection - Meaning of Dream

If you witness the resurrection of known or unknown people in a dream, it is a herald of trouble at home and problems in matters that you will face in foreseeable future. Soon you will experience anxiety and worry, but in difficult times your friends will always be there to help and support you. Owing to a friend, you can cope with all the problems and regain an optimistic outlook on life.

Dreaming about your own resurrection is an omen that soon you will encounter many difficulties and obstacles on the way to your goal. If you manage to solve all the problems with honor, the fate will be favorable, and you will achieve all of what you dreamed and strived for.

If you find out about someone's miraculous resurrection, but this news was false, it is a warning that you should not trust or rely on other people too much. Soon you'll be waiting for assistance from someone of your friends in a very important matter, but promised help will not be provided.

If in a dream you possess the power to revive people, perhaps you should choose to become a doctor or a psychologist, because most likely, you have all inclinations necessary to heal the body or the soul of others.

Miller interpreted a dream where you died and resurrected as upcoming difficult period that will soon transform into luck and happiness. Shortly you will have to go through a significant loss, disappointment and anxiety, but after all you might find much more than you’ve lost. In addition, all the troubles and problems will be left behind, and you will become a successful and truly happy person. If you dreamed that you resurrected a certain person, then you will have a new pleasant acquaintance and friendship with great people. Through this friendship, you will not just feel happier, but also will use it in the business and professional purposes - both sides will get benefit from this.

If you dream that you arise from dead, it portends that in reality you will suffer, experiencing temporary difficulties, but in the end everything will be fine. To see the resurrection of others means that you can count on the help of friends who will not leave you in the lurch.

If a person whom you like comes to life – you will have troubles and worries, but friends will help you to reach success.

If a person whom you don’t like rises, it advises that you should not trust anybody, there are foes around you.