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Ribbon - Meaning of Dream

A ribbon is a symbol of roads and new hopes. If you dream of a ribbon, you will have a pleasant journey that will help to achieve many great things in the future.

If a young girl dreams of a ribbon, this dream portends upcoming marriage, which may not be long lasting, as the ribbon is too thin to keep a man next to her. The girl must draw conclusions, which will help her to salve a marriage or relationships. For a guy, a dream about ribbons portends a road which can be both pleasant and not, it depends on the color of the ribbon.

You should also remember that in many cultures people tie hands of the newlyweds with a ribbon as a sign of the unity of two hearts.

For older people, a dreaming about a little ribbon means a journey that will bring a lot of positive emotions. Also, you must remember what color the ribbon was. In the old days girls wove ribbons of different colors into wreaths or braids. It all depended on what the girl wanted.

If you dreamed of a blue ribbon - it gives health. Red or pink ribbon – indicates the desire to get married. Ribbon of yellow or orange color forebodes success and good luck. Green ribbon gives hope for success. White and black ribbon denotes sadness.

A dreaming as if you dress up and decorate yourself with ribbons signifies that you are ready for long relationship; for business people this dream promises strong relationships with business partners, and successful contracts.

If you burn a beautiful belt made of ribbons, this dream tells that you destroy your relationship and ready to move on to the next stage of development.

For children, a dreaming of colored ribbons forebodes celebration and fun in upcoming weekends. Also ribbons that children see are the symbols of attachment to their mother and to the family.

If you present a ribbon in your dream, it tells that you are a kind and sympathetic person, who is ready to help a friend to find a soul mate.