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Richness - Meaning of Dream

A dream about great richness and wealth kept in the treasury or bank vault, means that soon you decide to start a very risky business, and will hope to get a significant profit. You will look like a wealthy and influential person in the eyes of people, but excessive complacency and self-confidence can be the base of failures in your plans.

Dreaming of vast wealth, in real life portends you easy management of difficulties and obstacles when reaching goals and achievements.

Dreaming of a society of rich and influential people is a harbinger that soon you will have difficulties in affairs, but with the help of true friends you will solve all the problems.

For a woman or a girl, to be surrounded by richly dressed wealthy people promises acquaintance with the influential person who will help her to realize all the dreams.

Richness in a dream book by Miller signals of dedication and diligence with which you can make a significant progress at work, or create a thriving profitable enterprise. Fate will be gracious to you and luck will be your constant companion, but there is a risk that you may ruin your happiness, and succumbing by fleeting temptation you will betray very close person.

If you happen to get rich very quickly in a dream, it forebodes that you can be engaged in risky affair in the foreseeable future, the profits of which will help to greatly increase your financial status.

To dream of own friends’ richness and success symbolizes faithfulness of your folks and their willingness to help you at any time. Such a dream for a girl means that she should pay more care and attention to her parents.

Richness in a dream is a token of generosity, open mind, and sincerity in relations.

If you take away somebody’s richness with the means of lie and power, it forebodes that your name will be dragged in mud.

If you do not feel envy to richness and wealth of other people, you may have a difficult period in life, but you will have trusty people next to you, and they will support you.

For a young person, to be surrounded with rich people bodes that he/she will manage own plans by winning the trust of influential person.

Being rich promises you to gain success in business or fast promotion, and you will easily climb up the career ladder, but only because of your zeal and hard work.

If you are very happy because of your richness in a dream, it is only an illusion and offset for your daily disappointments. Normally such a dream does not bode anything, and only warns you to treat money reasonably. You can’t become rich in reality because of excess of your emotions.

If you react to your richness with calm and tranquility, you have good chances to fulfill your dreams.

To see richness around you foretells you marriage with a greedy husband.