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Riddle - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream a young girl solves riddles, but her attempts are ineffective, it tells that in reality she will have a lot of unsolved problems. If a girl can easily solve puzzles, it means that in life she will also easily cope with all problems.

If a dreamer is proposing riddles to someone, this dream means that he/she will create some serious problems to close people.

If a young man proposes riddles to people around him, it means that he should be careful in reality with the expression of own point of view, because his statements may prevent him from achieving the goal.

If someone proposes him riddles and he easily solves them, it tells that nothing can stop him; he will cope with all upcoming issues. If he can’t solve the puzzle, his partner will make a nasty surprise.

If a woman proposes riddles to many people, it means that very soon her husband will find out about her dirty secret. If a woman dreams, as if she solves puzzles, this means that she can manage this situation with her husband. If she can’t solve the puzzle, she will have a conflict with her husband, which will later grow into misunderstanding. This means that she should not quarrel with her husband in upcoming days.

If a man proposes riddles to people around, it is possible that he will have problems with colleagues at work.

If a man solves riddles, he will soon get some news that will give him the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder one step higher. If he dreams that he can’t solve the puzzle, it portends that the authorities can question his professionalism.

A dream, in which someone proposes riddles, can promise both positive and negative events in life. It all depends on the fact: who solves the riddles. Pay attention to the nuances of your dream, in order to interpret it correctly, since it can vary for different people.

And do not worry because of bad dreams, because everything bad will soon finish and you will enjoy your good life. And all the mysteries in your dreams will be solved soon.