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Ring - Meaning of Dream

If you are wearing rings on your fingers, this dream portends that you will start new business soon, and it will bring you great success.

A broken ring foretells you unhappy marriage and frequent quarrels. For people in love such a dream is a herald of separation.

If you see rings on someone else’s fingers, this dream promises acquaintance with new friends, as well as an increase in welfare.

If a young girl received a ring as present, the dream predicts that she will no longer worry about loyalty and reciprocity of her lover, because he devotes his life only to her.

According to Vanga, a ring is an ancient symbol of infinity, isolation and the inviolability of the promises. Its appearance in a dream tells about unresolved problems, range of interrelated events, and the allegiance.

If you put a ring on a finger of your sweetheart, it symbolizes your commitment to your promises and love.

If a stranger put a wedding ring on your finger, it foretells that you will get unexpected help that will solve your problems and hardships.

If you look for the ring in a shop but you can’t find the right size, it indicates that you do not feel strong affection to anyone in your life. A ring that fell off your hand is a bad omen. It means that real life brings you a serious challenge, because you have broken a promise or oath of allegiance.

In Freud’s interpretation, if you present a ring to someone, this is a sign that you subconsciously seek to have serious relationship or improve the existing ones. However, if you receive a ring, it tells that someone wants to have strong relationship with you.

If a man sees many rings on own fingers, it indicates that in life he aspires to have many sexual contacts. In case a woman sees the same dream, she should dig into own subconsciousness: the dream states about her desire or tendency to have same-sex relations. A broken ring portends health problems. Lost ring is a sign of rupture of relations and search for a new partner.

If you dream of a golden ring, get ready for marriage, no matter what sex you are. If you present a golden ring to your friend in a dream, he/she will get engaged in reality. However, a golden ring symbolizes not only marriage, but also faithful friends worth their weight in gold.

If you see a ring with a big stone, this is a harbinger of an interesting acquaintance, which can bring lots of joy and will be useful in moral and material aspects.

But if you dream of a ring with small decorative stones, it is a herald of tears and small troubles.

If a woman can’t take a ring off her finger, it states that she lives like a bird in a golden cage. Consciously or subconsciously she feels that she is not free, and this feeling oppresses her. She should think of the way to change the situation, otherwise her life will be wasted.