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River - Meaning of Dream

River, which you see in a dream promises prosperity and welfare. At all times water was a symbol of peace and tranquility. The same in the dream, it foretells rather favorable events. But, despite the pleasant meaning of the river, the dream might be interpreted as bad, if the surface of the water was muddy or had indistinct outlines or looked frightening, as if the storm has began. Such dream is a warning for you – some situations which can lead to quarrels may arise soon.

If you see the dream, in which a river had suddenly appeared on your way, flooded your route and stopped you, it means that you needed to overcome some difficulties. It is a warning of the possible chain of unpleasant events at work. In order to get through this period of life, you need to arm yourself with enough patience and try to take actions aimed at preserving your authority in the workplace and resolve potential conflicts at an early stage.

If you see the river which is about to shallow or you see a parched riverbed of a former river, this dream symbolizes the feelings of anxiety, and appearance of moments in life, which may cause a lot of worries. In any case, it is better to be informed and ready to meet the unpleasant circumstances of life than to be surprised by these inevitable unexpected events.

Muddy and very dirty water warns of a time when you can be involved in many unpleasant situations because of misunderstanding.

If you dream of a drowned person on the bottom of the river, such dream warns that you can lose a fortune and luck.

If you dreamed of a river that flows quietly in its riverbed, the shores are abundantly covered with rich green vegetation, the soul at the moment of the dream is relaxed and easy it means that you will be experiencing very bright and good times. During this period, everything will be in your favor and you will be able to achieve your goals.

A dream, in which you are floating on the river in a boat or without it, has many different interpretations in various dream books. Most often, this dream predicts a quick trip or a victory over your enemies. It may also mean the fulfillment of desires.

Dream books often associate river with the life of the dreamer. The speed ​​and nature of a river means the pace of life. If the stream is rapid, it means that you will face a lot of difficulties ahead. If it is quiet and smooth, it means that your life will be serene. If you swim against the stream, it means that you will encounter difficulties in achieving goals. If you manage to overcome the stream, your plans will be fulfilled.

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