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Road - Meaning of Dream

Endless road, in the modern dream book, is a harbinger of anxiety and worries. If you stood at a crossroads think hard of something, in reality will not be able to take a very important decision.

If you walked along the wide road, this dream promises immense satisfaction and joy; if you moved along a narrow path, you will face bad times and empty troubles. Curve road predicts monetary damages; wet road because of the rain portends the tears, toboggan run - false hopes.

If you walk along an unfamiliar road, Miller interprets it as a chance to get involved into completely new undertaking. Most likely, you will face minor troubles, hence you might lose a lot of time, but it's worthy: the end result will exceed all your boldest expectations.

The road with beautiful flowers and trees growing on the roadside, predicts a windfall. If you strayed from the road, this dream predicts serious financial losses and troubles in the family.

Vanga stated that if you dreamed of a curved road, it bodes that your thoughts and actions are aimed in the wrong direction. Be very careful, you just have to immediately change your attitude to life; otherwise you may end up in a prison or on a cemetery.

Straight wide road suggests that you go through a difficult path. Just be patient and the fate will provide you with material well-being, a permanent job and a strong family. If you walked along a deserted road, it indicates that you suffer from loneliness. You think that you are unworthy of love and attention of people, but it's not true. Your life will improve if you believe in God: pray and you will definitely gain a peace of mind.

A dream, in which you have to build a road, prophesies: hard work and determination will help you conquer many peaks and become an outstanding personality. Just remember one thing: once you reached the crest of success do not forget about difficult past, and do not ignore ordinary people.

If you walked on the dusty road, this indicates that you are surrounded by a lot of evil and deceitful people who envy your achievements and try spoil your impeccable reputation by all means.

Narrow road predicts that on the path to a stable financial position, quiet life and fame you might face difficulties and problems, coping with which will not be easy. Do not despair, work hard and as a result you will definitely get all that you dreamed about.

If you walked along the cobblestone road, it signifies that you do everything right, and slowly but surely you approach the target.

Freud was sure that a road in a dream is usually a reflection of our subconscious fear of death. Sometimes this symbol indicates our phobias and fears. If you dream of divarication of a road, it tells that in reality you are experiencing some difficulties with the choice or change of a sexual partner. If you dream of crossroads - most likely, you will have unexpected changes in private life, and, alas, for the worse.