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Robbery - Meaning of Dream

Most psychologists believe that a dream is a representation of the inner "I" of a person. In the dream, he/she plays all possible situations of own life. Therefore it is extremely desirable not to perceive it literally. If you dreamed of robbery, it does not mean that it should happen in foreseeable future.

Dreams should not be mixed up with reality. Thus, the subconscious mind is trying to tell the consciousness about the solution of some problems. But before you understand what robbery means, it is desirable to determine the role which is played in a dream and the feelings experienced. To rob and to be a victim of robbery are two completely different situations.

If you act as a robber in a dream, it signals that you act unfair and dishonest in relation to someone, and after all it bothers you. You need to understand what and from whom you steal. This will help determining the source of guilt. If during robbery you have the feeling of satisfaction, it signifies that you simply do not have enough of thrills in life. Remember that the interpretation of any dream is only an approximation. According to analysts, the meaning of a dream is very individual for each person.

Quite a different situation is when a dreamer becomes a victim of robbery.

Most often it is connected to the upcoming events and current life changes. It seems that things will change only for the worse. But do not be so worried. Most likely, the situation is not as bad as it seems. You only need to calm down and reflect on everything.

Sometimes robbery in a dream means trouble in reality. This can be not only the loss of things, but quarrels with loved ones. Or someone of your colleagues is trying to take advantage of your ideas for own purposes and benefit. You need to look closely at others.

If your apartment or house is robbed, it foretells possible big quarrel with a boyfriend, until complete cooling of relations. If you see somebody else being a victim of robbery, it portends that you will steal someone’s idea and will bitter regret for having done wrong.

If you always see the same dream, it does not always predict the future. It suggests that the situation in real life doesn’t change. If you can’t understand it, this dream advises to seek for help from a psychologist.