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Rodent - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which a rodent got into a trap set by a dreamer, means that the dreamer will win over his/her opponent and will reveal all his/her evil plans.

To cage a rodent foretells getting rid of the annoying girlfriend (friend). In the event that there is a white mouse in a dream, it portends marital fidelity. All suspicions regarding betrayal of a partner will be groundless.

To see a lot of mice and be surrounded by them, so that there is no place to step, foretells that hard times will begin in life of a dreamer. It is believed that before the global events of a negative character, such as pestilence or war, many people dream of hordes of rats that had filled all the visible space in person’s dream.

If you search for mice with the aim to destroy them, foreshadows that you might be robbed.

If you want to kill a mouse, but you let it slip away because of your oversight, it portends that you will make ​​an unfortunate error after which you will regret for a long time.

Seen white rat in a dream foretells means that some danger will appear in your life.

There is a category of people who are very interested in rodents and with pleasure keep them at home. If such a person dreams of his/her favorite mouse or rat, it’s negative meaning pales into insignificance. Here you will need to consider the story of a dream. For example, if an animal repeatedly returns to the same object or person, then the meaning of a dream lies in this object.

To dream of a rodent that attacks a loved one is an alarming sign. In reality you should try to find out who is a foe, which is ready to do harm at any moment to the person you know.

The appearance of rodents as in the real world and in a dream portends something bad. For example, mouse in a dream means a secret enemy, and losses because of close people.

If you see a mouse eating you favorite thing, it forebodes that your beloved one will make you suffer. The impact will be as strong as rodent’s damage in a dream.

To see a cat catching mice, the amount of which rises portends that soon some events will bring you a lot of troubles and chores. It might seem that these troubles will never end, as those mice in a dream.