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Roller-coaster - Meaning of Dream

A dream where you see yourself on a roller-coaster as a rule means that you like changes in life. Now you estimate the situation as a temporary event.

If you ride a roller-coaster alone, it means that soon you will be lucky, and you will find real passionate love.

Dreams are different, some dream about something abstract and totally incomprehensible to the waking mind, others so vividly feel and experience events in a dream, that they are surprised when wake up.

Therefore a dream about roller-coaster usually indicates something good, although it may be a subconscious sign of some disorder in dreamer’s organism.

For example, nausea and dizziness which is felt during a dream, suggests that a dreamer has problems with vestibular system. So it's best to be examined by a doctor. If a carousel was with chains, it is a sign of some attachments to the past, to the time when a dreamer was a kid and did not think about the problems of life. It is necessary to get rid of them. For these purposes, you need to mentally remove the picture associated with an amusement park from your memory.

A lot of dream books point out that a dream where you ride a roller-coaster is a sign of a fact that you are “walking in a circle”, which does not allow you to see yourself and your environment from the outside.

Roller-coaster with chairs firmly attached to its base is a sign of a very active life, in which a dreamer has almost lost a guide. Therefore, it is necessary to take a few days of rest and to think about how to bring daily matters in order.

So-called "Ferris Wheel", which attracts visitors of all parks in the world, means the ability to perceive usual things from a different perspective. Therefore, the interpretation of a dream, where you had a chance to ride a Ferris wheel is just the opposite of what was described in the paragraph above.

If you have a ride on roller-coaster despite your will, it indicates the fact that the circumstances of your life are much stronger than your plans and intentions. In this case, you should try some developing practices. For example, yoga helps to develop the body and energy. Magic will give an idea on ​​how different levels of the universe function. Eastern astrology will help you understand yourself and your destiny. Fen Shui will tell you how to arrange the furniture and how to choose your own home, how to be healthy and successful.

If you ride a roller-coaster which you remember since childhood, it is an indication of the desire to get away from the problems of the present. In this case, the change of environment should help. After a short rest everything will be back in its place and you will enjoy everyday life.

If you feel fear and a lot of negative emotions while having a ride on a roller-coaster, it is not necessary to be afraid, because nothing bad will happen. This dream usually indicates that a dreamer does not accept the hustle and abrupt changes in life.