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Roof - Meaning of Dream

A roof symbol in your dream may stand for great changes mostly in a professional life. In addition to this, it may refer to the state of your relations with your friends and colleagues.

If in your dream you’re standing on the roof, it represents your colossal success in real life. Carry out your responsibilities properly and strive for your cherished dreams against all the odds! Then everything will come out as you wish! Don’t be afraid of unknown and don’t relax. It is two main obstacles that can appear on your way to success.

Also, standing on the roof indicated that you’re a broad-minded person. Don’t stop broadening your horizons!

Building a roof and repairing it as well are the symbols of approaching success in your life.

Falling off the roof in your dream is an unfavorable sign in a professional aspect. Notwithstanding the fact that you’ll be at the height of your success, you won’t be able to save it during a long period of time. Mostly, it can happen because of your indecisive and untimely behavior. Prove that our destiny can be changed. What you need is a desire. Reconsider your attitude to the work, become more responsible and decisive!

The same dream can also mean drastic changes in your life very soon – a new position at work, moving to another place or switching a job, for example.

Seeing in your dreams that the roof is breaking down is a bad sign. It bodes a person misfortune and sorrow. If you have an idea, what it can be, beware of it.

If in your dream you’re sleeping on the roof, it represents that you shouldn’t pay attention and shouldn’t worry about the gossips and intrigues which have been lately spread by your evil-wishers or even “friends” to your address. The only thing you’d better do in such a situation is to look differently at your friends and determine to yourself who is really faithful to you and who are not.

If in your dream you’re just standing or sitting on the roof, it is a good sign, which symbolizes satisfaction with your life. To some degree, it is a proof that you’ve done everything correctly.

Roofing over refers to the possibility of a quarrel with your friend or relative. It tends to be a serious conflict, which will take a lot of time and efforts, but you won’t consider it to be the one that teaches you some important lesson. So, if you have such a possibility, try to avoid it because it is really senseless. It’ll have the only result – your attitude to this friend or relative will be forever spoilt and vice versa.

If there’s a roofless house in your dream, it suggests that soon there will be a situation which will deeply shock and upset you.

If in your dream you’re seeing that a roof of some house is carried down by the wind, it indicates that you have to wait for an unpleasant surprise soon. There is a person among your friends who is unfaithful to you. Be ready to meet this situation with dignity. It’s better to get to know about such things late than never.