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Root - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a root of some large tree, this is a warning of fate that very soon you will face unlucky streak in reality. That is why you have to be careful and vigilant, because the fate goes against you and you are left alone. Now you can rely only on our own strength. However, do not be sad, because even after the darkest night, a dawn is sure to appear; so you need to wait out this unfavorable period. In case you manage to survive this test, the period of prosperity and financial stability will begin in your life. Your bad health will improve and all worries will be left behind.

Roots, seen in a dream, act as a symbol of connection of a dreamer with own family. In this case a dreamer can withstand any problems, and is able to notice the essence of the issue.

If you saw all kinds of roots of different plants or trees, this dream may be a warning of some negative changes in the business sphere and health.

A root used as a medicine, portends a period of problems and difficulties in life, sadness and serious disease that can embitter the life of a dreamer.

A dream about a root tells that soon you will face difficult situation - a period of poverty, hard work and humility. Most often, the dream suggests the violation of usual course of life, because of what the dreamer will be tormented by feeling of anxiety.

Now, everyone will know what the root means, because in such a way the fate is trying to leave the clues and encourage people to make correct solutions and avoid troubles.

If you found yourself in the dungeon surrounded by the roots, this dream may advises first to find the cause of the unrest, and only then try to solve the problem.

If you grew some roots, it states that you often idealize your relatives and close friends. In this case, it is essential to remember what the color of roots was, because it can help to interpret the dream.