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Roses - Meaning of Dream

Rose is a symbol of success in love affairs. A more accurate interpretation of this image in the dream depends on the appearance of the flowers. So it is advisable to remember the details of a dream, because even a small thing can greatly change the prediction.

For a man, to dream of roses, spreading around a strong pleasant flavor is a good omen. This symbol indicates that soon some happy event will change his life. Moreover, any little troubles won’t be able to spoil his mood or darken the days. The additional meaning of the dream says that his wife will be faithful and will never betray him.

For women, as they are representatives of the fair sex, roses in the dreams foreshadow much more, and give more of advices. Therefore, it is important to understand each meaning in every specific situation.

For example, if you dream of wilting roses, it may indicate a problem of choice. Of course, you should hurry up in making a choice of your life and spend it with incorrect man. On the other hand, men can’t wait for years, till you finally make your choice.

If you dream of a rose bush which has dried out, then someone from your family risks falling ill. Be more tolerant with the household: very often you unrest becomes the reason of the disease.

If you dream of a young rose bush, which is not yet in blossom, it has a positive interpretation. It symbolizes success in the financial sphere.

Dream book by Miller gives different interpretations to roses of different colors. If you dream of pallid rose, hidden in the shadows, this may indicate a serious illness. Only love and care of your close people will help you to recover, so spend more time with them.

Red rose is a sign of hopes that come true. Red rose also symbolizes ardent physical passion.

White rose is a symbol of pure, sinless love; pink rose is tenderness.

But if you dream that rose is black, it foretells sorrow. For people in love it is a sign of break up of the relationships for no reason. Black rose can be a sign of a serious illness of a loved one, sadness, grief, and even mourning. All these interpretations are true as well in case you dream of a wreath made out of black roses.

If in the dream you prick yourself with a thorn of a black rose, it symbolizes suffering from unrequited love or bitter offence from a loved one.

But, not always black rose in a dream portends trouble. As you know, a very dark shade of noble burgundy rose is also traditionally called as a black rose; it has especially long stems, it is expensive and luxurious. If a woman dreams that someone presented her a bouquet of these roses, it means recognition, fame, luxurious life and success.

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