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Roulette - Meaning of Dream


You are obsessed with a cherished dream, which you want to realize no matter what – this is a prediction of a dream about roulette, which you want to play.

Basically, a dream about roulette has an opposite interpretation. Thus, if you win in a dream, you will lose in real life, and vice versa, if you lose – be ready for success. That is why dream interpreters state that a person can’t interpret dreams alone, and needs to appeal to the professional dream books. Not always what you see means the same in real life.

A dream, in which you won a big sum of money playing roulette, means that circumstances develop not in your favor, and because of pessimistic prognosis you should not expect a lot of luck in the near future. Do not be upset, just try to draw the moral of such a life lesson, and proceed with things you like to do. This dream indicates the fact that you shouldn’t rely on someone’s help. Everything you have and will get in future is only the result of your constant contribution in own affairs.

If you see yourself as a dealer and you spin roulette, it means that you are dreaming of big pleasure and luxury in real life, but the only thing you have to do is to rest and have a good time in a company of good friends. Such a dream indicates that you strive for better life, you are tired of monotonous existence and you think that you deserve more. This might be true, and in real life, you need to change something. But not always, you will be happy of that change. Maybe, you shouldn’t leave everything behind and forget about your friends and surrounding. Maybe, you just need to take a deep breath, relax, and realize that this is your destiny, and without all of what you have now, it will be difficult for you to live. Don’t hurry up in your decisions and try to make use of everything you do and experience every day.

If you lose money while playing roulette, but you can’t stop, it means that you will be very lucky; therefore you need to be alert, because there is no smoke without fire. Do not hurry up to get upset about such a dream where you lose your money, sometimes it has an opposite meaning. Loosing money in roulette game here indicates your deliverance from everything that burdened you and didn’t give you the chance to proceed and be successful. You need to decide between your priorities, in order not to miss something important. And if you choose the correct path, be sure, you will be lucky and happy. Just try not to waste your efforts and time for useless things, and then your life will have more sense.

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