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Rowan tree - Meaning of Dream

Rowan tree

You will have a life test and some trial in the near future if you dream that you pick up berries of a rowan tree in a dream.

If you see birds eating berries on a rowan tree, it means that you will not be able to refuse anyone’s request for help.

If you dream that you have broken a branch on a rowan tree, it means that soon you will have changes for the worse, which will cause your frustration. Moreover, you will have to come with your disappointment alone.

If you dream that you are wearing a necklace made of rowan tree berries, it means that an influential man will appear in your life and will change it completely. But, you will still have to suffer from loneliness.

If you dream of a tree in blossom, it means that in the foreseeable future you will have success, happiness and wealth. The berries of the trees point to a possible imminent addition of the family. It can be also a hint that someone is going to find a mate. Besides, flowered tree can indicate your friendship or love feelings towards someone.

Dreaming of a blossomed rowan tree is a good sign, you will receive good news.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the condition of the tree: dry, green, in blossom, with fruits, damaged, cut.

If you see a beautiful spreading green rowan tree, with lush flowering and leaves, it means that soon the whole family will come together for some occasion, and most likely there will be a good reason for that.

If you collect berries from a blooming rowan tree, it means that you will receive profit or some material benefit from your actions.

If the berries are even and smooth, it means that all your plans will be managed; and if the fruits are rotten or wormy, it means that the result of the work will not be the same as it was planned.

If you climb on the green tree, it means that you should be ready for upcoming trip, which is going to be easy and safe.

Climbing on the flowering trees - means profit in life, prosperity and good fortune. If you climb a dry rowan tree and a branch breaks because of your weight, this means that your way to success will be rocky and hard.

High lonely tree, which you want to climb, means that most likely you will have a quarrel with somebody in your close surrounding.

If you plant a rowan tree - it is a good sign. It means well-being and prosperity, and indicates the fact that your family won’t have any material problems and failures. If you plant a tree together with someone, it means that your friendship or love relationship will get stronger.

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