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Ruins - Meaning of Dream


Ruins in a dream for lovers, portend break up of relations and delay of engagement. For business people, ruins predict failures in commerce; for farmers it is a bad year. Moreover, such dream bodes bad health for everybody, who sees the dream.

If you see ancient ruins, it predicts frequent travels. You will make you cherished dream come true, but your joy will be changed for sadness, since you feel that you miss someone in your life.

Some dream books say that if you dream of ruins, it is a sign that you will achieve fame, only by completely soaking yourself in the subject.

If you feel that you are covered with ruins in the dream, it means that you will get comfort and support from a stranger, who is still watching you from the side.

A dream, in which you walk through the ruins of the ancient city, means that you take advantage of opportunities that will help you achieve the desired goals and the joy of communion with people you're interested in.

For girls, this dream should be an incentive for cautious behavior.

If you see the ruins of beautiful buildings, in the reality you should be wary of traps, created by hypocritical people. This dream is particularly dangerous for young girls who should be careful in their actions and trust more the advice of their parents.

Any sleep about the ruins predicts collapse of your plans, your well-being and happiness. If you wander through the ruins in a dream it is a sign of great worries about own defeat. If you climb on the ruins in a dream, it is a harbinger that you will find the strength to overcome the tragedy.

If you dream that you get out of the ruins, your sadness will soon dissipate, and memories of past failures will be replaced by the joy of new successes. Dreaming of ancient ruins and admiring the romantic view of the past is a harbinger of sadness about the past time, when you were still happy.

A dream, in which you see the ruins of the home of your enemies, indicates that your long-standing desire will be fulfilled. If something in a dream is destroyed before your eyes or you destroy something, soon you will be involved in a big scandal that will triggered by your enemies.

Miller says that ruins in the dream means bad work conditions, crop damage, deterioration of health; and for lovers - a defection of each other. If you dream of the ancient ruins, it means that you will travel a lot.

Esoteric dream book says that your hopes will collapse and “break into small pieces”, but you'll deny this fact in every possible way.

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