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Rum - Meaning of Dream

If you drink rum in the dream it is a sign of obstacles in business. If you watch as some of your relatives or friends are drinking rum, it means that your family will be in trouble.

If you pour rum in shots or spill it on the floor, it is a sign of a hassle.

If you dream as if you buy or order rum at a bar, it means that you will be the reason of own troubles. If you dreamed that someone bought or ordered rum for you, it means that you should blame some of your friends in your troubles.

If you present a bottle of rum to somebody, it means that you will have the opportunity to take revenge over your enemies.

Interpretation of rum in dream book by Miller says that if you drink rum in a dream, it means that soon you will get rich, but you will be rude and vulgar because of your penchant for bad entertainment.

Oriental Dream Book says that alcohol in a dream is a sign of a long feast.

But for ladies rum in a dream is a sign of impending danger, of which it will be difficult to get rid. They must be careful at streets and don’t walk alone at night.

For boys, rum in Eastern Dream Book indicates usually the meeting with a beautiful, but very poor girl, who has both charming body and face.

For married women, the dream about rum heralds a quiet family evening without the usual groundless quarrels.

Men dream of rum, as of a symbol of conflicts with colleagues and employees at work.

According to European Dream Book, rum is seen by women as the fact that the feelings could not find a way out, and it can bring the psychological balance in disorder and disrupt the spiritual well-being. A man, who dreams about rum, will be caught by surprise. Also European dream interpretation says that the person, who loves his/her job, will experience complete disappointment at former favorite work place.

Japanese dream book says that a woman, who dreams of rum, will have unplanned pregnancy and childbirth.

For a man, alcohol in the dream foreshadows upcoming parting with a girlfriend, because of his betrayal. Unmarried girl dreams of alcohol as of sign of the inevitable unfortunate rendezvous. In general alcohol is seen as a loss of something insignificant, but which can lead to a pleasant surprise.

The classical interpretation says that alcohol in a dream is a sign of money for everybody without exception. It will be easy money that you can spend for useless things.

Woman, after dreaming of alcohol, will feel own guilt of something, which she didn’t do.

Also, alcohol is seen is a dream as a sign of a terrible boredom. This is an obvious sign that it's time to change your life. For those, who are not burdened with this problem, there are other interpretations. In the end, you need to rely on the interpretation of that dream book, which seems the most truthful, clear and interesting for you.

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