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Run - Meaning of Dream


Running is a symbol of the changes which constantly take place in life. But this time it will be as close as it is possible. Depending on the specific situation in which a person was involved in the run you can interpret the dreams.

For example, joint jogging in the company of strangers or acquaintances, is a sign of a good pass time. Perhaps it is worth of changing habits or going to a new club.

Do not neglect the invitations of friends who call to participate in a house party. Pleasant stay will not make you worry, if you see that you run in the dream. On the contrary, it will help to improve the situation and in the business sphere.

However, you should be careful after the dream in which you run and fall, such an incident is an omen of potential events that can cause problems with reputation. Not excluded is the loss of something, which is owned. So it makes sense to be more attentive for some time.

If you run alone without any company, Miller dream book interprets it as a positive sign it means that competitors, friends and random opponents will be far behind you in a race that might simply disappear from view. Of course, this does not indicate a cooling of relations. It means that luck will accompany the leader. Respectively, you will achieve a more favorable position in financial terms, and will move on the social ladder.

Sometimes, people ask the question "What if I had a dream in which I run from danger?" It means that it is necessary to pay attention to risky projects. Losses are possible. If you see friends running from danger, there is a chance to save them from potential trouble.

Run, is a symbol of speed, endurance and perseverance. It also means that you shouldn’t abandon own undertakings in the middle.

If you participate in running competitions, it is possible in reality your secret enemies will fail in their machinations. In the dream, you can become a winner of the race, so in real life you should be more than mercantile and look at things more realistically.

Probably everyone was told in childhood, that while sleeping you were quickly moving with feet as if running somewhere, and often we answer "I dreamed I was running".

Despite the fact that our reflexes are the reason of such actions, we often dream that we were really running in the dream.

The most terrifying dream is that despite of the speed of running you are still late to the target/meeting, no matter how you try to accelerate. When waking up, try to recall all of your intended business as soon as possible and finish it.

Running in a dream means that you feel superhuman capabilities, and can develop superhuman speed, but if you suddenly feel tired while running in the dream, it means that soon you'll get to go on holiday and indulge in solitude with nature.

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