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Runnel - Meaning of Dream

In dreams, runnel is usually a symbol of various barriers and obstacles. If you saw a runnel, this dream foretells some surprises, moreover not always good. You may receive a useful gift from your close people, or find a purse with a large sum of money.

If you dreamed as if you walked along the runlet, in reality you will certainly find your way to success and prosperity. If you dreamed of a ditch filled with water, in the future you will have the life of people of moderate means. It is likely that you will be offered a good position and you will take the lead of an interesting project.

But parched ditch predicts difficulties and trials. Get yourself up; very soon the fate will deal a first blow.

If you stumbled and fell into a ditch, it heralds the decline in business and personal life.

If you jumped over a runnel, this is a favorable sign, which predicts victory in some extremely important business. You will certainly pass a hurdle, if you remember about the responsibility and professionalism.

A dreaming, in which you were digging a runnel, tells to get ready for a desperate confrontation with the detractors.

In Miller’s dream book, a runnel is a warning: you may spend considerable money on completely unnecessary things. Be reasonable: money float will be spent but you will have completely useless trinkets. Sometimes the dream is interpreted as participation in some dubious financial adventure. Digging a runlet indicates that in reality you build the barriers in front of yourself and then try to overcome them. Dirty water in a runlet foretells family difficulties and urgent problems.