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Rye beer - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a glass, a bottle or a barrel of rye beer, you will have a small, but very nice acquisition.

Delicious drink is also called kvass, and if you felt its freshness and coolness when dreaming - in reality you will finally afford a break from routine monotony of everyday life. You will have a wonderful pastime among the closest people.

If the drink had unpleasant (warm or sour) taste, then you need to show more persistence. Only in this way you will achieve what you want. For a woman this dream tells that her partner will briefly lose interest to her, but there's no reason to worry - soon the love will burst into flame with new strength.

If you drink rye beer out of a wooden cup, you will have the outdoor recreation that can bring you a lot of fun and will be good for your health.

If you brew the drink in a dream, it indicates that the circumstances do not allow you to implement plans about a quiet and pleasant life. If you bought a barrel of a brew - you will happen to become a member of the unpleasant incident that will end up quite favorably for you.

If you treat other people with kvass - you risk making a mistake, the consequences of which may be quite serious. If you accidentally poured kvass out, soon there will be something pleasant and unexpected.

According to Miller, if you drink kvass in a dream, you will get upset because of household chores and problems. For a woman a sour drink is a warning about the need to be careful in own actions. Miller’s dream book interprets this dream as a prediction of frustration. If you cook rye beer at home, in reality someone dishes the dirt on you; and soon you will hear them and will be amazed at how unpleasant they are. If you scooped the drink with a wooden ladle, it forebodes that you will have a visit to the village where you can get the incomparable pleasure and impressions.