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Sabre - Meaning of Dream

Saber, seen in a dream, will help to understand a lot of what is happening to you in real life. According downers saber in the dream means danger that awaits you, since saber refers to cold steel. However, the exact interpretation of what you saw, you can make if you remember all the details of your dream. For example, sabre, as a museum piece, points to missed opportunities. If you see saber (as a museum exhibit), it means that you will miss an important opportunity and will not use the chance to express you talents.

If you find the saber in a dream, it means that you will need to resist a dangerous and powerful opponent.

Sabre as a trophy or a museum exhibit when appearing in your dream indicates that your determination and courage are only superficial, and have a showoff character. Probably this "saber" is destined to hang on the wall ... In other words you do not implement your best qualities completely.

If you dreamed that you have found a saber in a strange place, it means that you have to beware of dangerous fellow, who will try to interfere in your family and affairs. There is a general prognosis for women and for men. If you've found the sword in a dream, it means that your actions will be reason of troubles which will soon happen to you. You might also face someone very dangerous this may be your rivalry either in professional affairs or in private life with feelings and interpersonal relationships.

If you dream of a blunt saber, it means that you are doing your job in vain.

If the saber is sharp (for men) in the dream, it is a sign of exaggerating of own merits.

In psychoanalysis, the saber is directly associated with male sexuality. The final interpretation will depend on what looked like, and what actions ​​it performed. So, if you swing sabre in the air in a dream, it means that in real life you extensively praise your manhood, and exaggerate your victories on the love front.

If you kill your enemies with a saber and the parts are scattered to the right and left, it means that you will find a correct path in life. Being wounded with a saber in the dream is a sign of anxiety for the fate of a relative in trouble. If you dreamed of a sharp sword, your business will succeed. In the dream, saber, is a minor trouble at work; if you dream of a dreamed broken sabre, you will be able to defeat your rival; to buy a saber, is a sign of a dangerous acquaintance; lost saber, disappointment; to hold saber in hands, a small favor of the enemy.

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