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Sadness - Meaning of Dream

If you see sadness in your eyes, it signifies that you have a patron. Also this dream could mean that soon you might have an important meeting with an older man that can change your lifetime.

If you dream of many sad people around, this promises success in undertaking where many people will take part. This dream is related to the work of a dreamer. In reality you should expect new and lucrative offers which you should not deny in any case.

Dreaming of your sad friends means that in real life some of them are envious. You should reconsider your social circle and be more careful in choosing close friends.

Dreaming that sadness is replaced by joy is an unfavorable sign. This dream promises that your luck will disappear. It is important to consider this dream as a warning. Pay more attention to events around you; identify weaknesses and opportunities to strengthen them. Then the blows of fate will be softer and will not cause any harm.

Dreaming of sadness on the faces of your children portends that you will worry a lot about their destiny. This means that the parental heart feels that soon difficult times may come in the life of children.

To dream of sad parents indicates that they receive little of attention, they miss you and wait for news. Such dreams may be repeated until the person is not aware of how important the communication with parents in his/her life is.

Dreaming of own sad face, in real life be ready for fun. Maybe soon someone will have a wedding party or you will be a guest of honor.

If sadness in your dream makes you cry, such a dream foretells you own upcoming wedding.

Most often sadness in a dream foretells joyful events.