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Salary - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of your salary, it tells that in upcoming future you will have a decent reward for your selfless work. Just keep in mind that the reward may be expressed not only in terms of money, you might just be praised and that is still nice. If the money was handed to you personally, it's not very good, this dream foretells that your efforts will paid by only appreciation or diploma, without any monetary gain. But if you got paid through cashier in bank, in reality you will also receive money for your efforts.

If you got paid for another person, in reality you will assign someone else’s achievements and profits. If you are a woman and you dreamed of your salary - get ready for a golden shower of jewels or money. Looks like your loyal fan will try to attract you with expensive presents. This dreaming advises not to respond to his courtesies, because he does it out of selfish motives.

If you saw that money was falling from the sky, this is a very auspicious sign, predicting fabulous profit. For a man the salary promises that in upcoming future he will definitely get the desired reward for his work.

If you were happy to receive wages far ahead of time, you'll successfully perform the intended work faster. If the salary was delayed for unknown reasons, this dream tells that in reality your boss does not want to pay you for your work, but after a while everything will change. If you got paid in foreign currency, unfortunately, after this dream you will be disappointed with life, work, and people. If in a dream you accidentally lost your salary, in reality the authorities will finally appreciate your hard work and pay for your tenacity.

Miller interpreted the receipt of salary as the successful completion of a new project, despite the fact that you did not even count on success. If you paid salary to other people, it portends discontent and resentment. If your salary was cut/lowered, in reality beware of your enemies machinations, if the wages rose, it foretells extraordinary gains and unexpected success.