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Salmon - Meaning of Dream

A salmon is a valuable fish, but not always it is a harbinger of contentment and profits. There are dreams in which a salmon represents pity on somebody from your family in a difficult situation.

If you catch a salmon in a dream, you will have large cash inflow. The bigger the salmon was, the more profit you can expect for.

If you can’t catch a salmon for a long time, it tells that you performed some low act in relation with a close person, and now you regret about it. If you grill salmon or cook some dishes with it, the dream bodes that soon you will make a major purchase. If the dish was delicious, it tells that you are destined to become famous in some business.

In Miller’s dream book, if you buy a salmon, this is a very good sign, predicting support of an influential person and development of long-planned affairs. Air-dried salmon portends a merry pastime in the company of loved ones, where you will be in the center of attention.

If you dream of salmon tail, it foreshadows tricks and wiles of your partners. They can steal your girl friend or a very profitable business. Be vigilant and do not tell anything to unfamiliar people.

If you eat a rosy roasted salmon, you will have interesting discoveries and new acquaintances. If you caught a dead salmon, this is a sign of miscarriage or an unexpected illness. Be careful about your health and do not overwork.

The Celts considered salmon as sacred fish symbolizing movement forward, no matter what. All your plans will be implemented, and luck will become a constant companion for you, if you dreamed that you swam with a salmon.

In Freud's dream book, spawning salmon is a sign of profit, but not necessarily material. You may be visited by a family member from afar, or will receive the news of a loved one’s pregnancy. The income from your business will increase significantly, if the water in which you saw salmons was clear.

For a young girl, a salmon foretells marriage with an optimistic person, wealth and a carefree life.