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Salt - Meaning of Dream


Salt appears in dreams very often. This is not surprising - it is constantly in front of your eyes. Therefore, it is necessary to point out that you should interpret such dream only if salt was the main objects in the dream.

In general salt is a good sign. Many dream books interpret it as a sign of a strong economy and well-being in the family and in business or deal with money. At the same time, if you see salt in the dream with a negative plot, it may portend illness or other disorders.

For a woman, dreaming of salt, may cause family problems, increase of distrust between spouses, and all of that happens because of woman’s surrounding.

It is known that if you are trying to salt something in real life and you spill a salt shaker it is a clear sign of future quarrels. Dreams are not exception in this issue.

If you don’t salt the dish but eat the salt in the dream, it is a very bad sign. With high probability you will be overtaken by a big trouble, long difficult trips, and mental anguish. For pregnant woman, it may be an omen of a difficult child birth.

If you salt the dish, it is believed to be a sign of gaining wisdom, new knowledge and skills. Perhaps, your affairs will be finally in order and you will have the chance to make a profit.

But if you salt meat, it is necessary to restrain own ardor in spending money and try not to get into debt. Money matters may halt for a while, and debts will become a permanent headache.

If you feel that the dish is over-salted, it is a clear sign that your secret enemies become more active. Perhaps, they are planning to do something bad to you. Subconscious signals you about the need to increase vigilance.

If you eat such over-salted food, the dream foretells you a variety of serious challenges, which you will able to overcome only with the help old and true friends.

In the dream to deny the request of some of your guests to give them salt, it is a clear sign of manifestation of latent hostility towards this person on uncontrollable subconscious level, which you can’t realize.

If you dream, that you prepare for the winter and do salting, it is interpreted as the need to move to austerity. If such a dream appears to you repeatedly almost every night, you should definitely talk to people in the household, and prepare them for a possible "run of bad luck" in the welfare of your family.

It would seem, that salt is just an everyday low-cost product. Why it is interpreted in such a difficult way? Apparently, it is not in vain that people know so many superstitions, omens and interpretations with respect to the salt. But, these are centuries of experience of our ancestors. It might make sense if you take it to heart.

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