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Samovar - Meaning of Dream


Samovar in modern dream book. Samovar in a dream represents your hospitality, ability to get along with people and pure thoughts. After such dream you will host unexpected guests; and the communication with them will only bring benefit and harmonious mood. To pour hot tea from samovar in the dream means that you will be in the center of attention of the person of your dreams, which will soon make you an unequivocal offer. Just be careful, because of this man, you can lose is a long-lasting relationship.

Samovar in the dream book of Miller. If you see steam coming out of samovar in the dream, it means that you will have a hot debate, both at home and on the professional field. You will boil like the water in the samovar and your emotions can bring you to a nervous breakdown or a heart attack. Do not allow such situation happen. Otherwise, for a long time you will not be able to get out of the disease.

Shiny and hot samovar in a dream is a symbol of material well-being and good news. For young girls, dreaming of a shiny clean samovar with hot tea inside is a sign of a good marriage with an agreeable man who would change her life for the better. If the water in the samovar is cold, and you just can’t boil it, your dreams will come true not very fast because of your sluggishness and uneventfulness.

Samovar in dream book of Vanga. Samovar, seen in a dream, is a sign that promises dating with someone, who has unlimited financial possibilities. This meeting will be fatal for you, because of it you will break up all relations and connections which you had before. But, it is worth of it, you'll be happy together. If you break a samovar or drop it on the floor in the dream, it is a sign of failure and the beginning of run of bad luck in your life.

Samovar in Freud's dream book. If you drink tea out of samovar and have intimate conversations with someone, it means that you are very open and uninhibited person in sex, you like all the improvements, and it is easy and pleasant with you. So dream warns that you may become bored with your partner and you want to get something unconventional outside of your relations. Be careful: all secret sooner or later become apparent. There is a chance that your deeds will be revealed very quickly.

And what if you dream that you drink cold tea? This dream means that there are some changes in the relationship with your lover or husband, which can lead to divorce. You should be attentive to each other and do not forget to say pleasant words.

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