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Sanatorium - Meaning of Dream

If your dream of sanatorium, it is a hint for you: most likely, your vital energy is running out, you feel the emptiness and lack of power. Remember, when you vacated last time? Certainly, very long time ago, that's why your body hints on a break. Do not overwork, make a pause, otherwise you will face serious illness.

If you saw a road leading to a rest house, it predicts that in reality you will quickly and quite safely recover from the strong disappointment that overtake you in your personal life.

If you had rest in a sanatorium, in reality pay close attention to own health, there may be problems with the well-being caused by overwork.

Destroyed or abandoned rest house promises you hard and monotonous work, which will not leave even the slightest chance for rest and relaxation. If you worked in a holiday house, it foretells that your selfless help and good intentions will be necessarily appreciated by surroundings.

Miller interpreted a huge stunningly beautiful building of sanatorium, surrounded by green lawns as a wealthy and long life full of beauty and joy. You might make some sensational discovery that will bring you world-wide fame. You'll travel a lot discovering the unknown. You will get acquainted with interesting people and exciting entertainment.

If you dreamed of a small newly-built rest house, this dream predicts profitable new businesses and quiet domestic happiness. If a holiday home was dirty and shabby - beware, you are threatened by illness, failure in business, and quarrels with loved ones.

If you dreamed of a construction site for holiday homes, most likely in real life you will radically change the vector of own activities and undertake something completely new.

If you saw yourself as a director of a holiday home, you will experience success and fortune in affairs.