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Sandwich - Meaning of Dream

Seeing a sandwich in your dream is a totally favorable sign for you. You have nothing to worry about.

If in your dream you’re seeing that someone is making a sandwich for you, expect progress in your business. Such a dream suggests that very soon a lot of profitable offers will shower on you. There’ll appear many new clients who will increase the income both of your company and you, in particular. Your family will live in welfare. Remember, that you shouldn’t relax. Only due to your hard efforts you will approach success.

Seeing in a dream that you are making a sandwich means that there will be situations which will require from you to be inventive and quick. Don’t let your vigilance down because you can let down your opportunity to live better as well. Be more attentive even to the trifles. Don’t become confused if you’ve confronted by an unknown and unexpected circumstances. Remember that it is within your strength to make them favorable for you.

If in your dream you’re dishing up only sandwiches and you’ve made a lot of them, it means that you pay too much attention to minor things. You’d better free yourself from them. Instead you can devote time to the things that really matter. It’ll be more useful.

Eating a sandwich in your dream implies that you’ll gain public acknowledgement very soon. You’ll become a valuable worker in a business circle. Your contributions to a company’s prosperity will be recognized, and you can count on a promotion or profitable agreements. Thus, you’ll increase a level of your family’s well-being.

The more ingredients your sandwich has in your dream, the more difficulties you can cope with.

Although, buying a sandwich in your dream presages suffering financial hardship in the nearest future. Don’t give up! Try to do your best to improve this situation. This dream also has another meaning, an opposite one. It denotes that your boss will raise your salary for your advances at work very soon. Do what you can to satisfy his/her expectations and not let a dream with the previous explanation come true.

If you are eating a caviar sandwich in your dream, it is a pleasant sign both in a dream and in reality. It foretokens success in business affairs and wealth. Financial difficulties will pass you by, and your family won’t be in need for anything. You’ll be able to afford anything you want. But don’t blow them off because you may regret about such a hasty decision later. It’s better to invest them into something to ensure well-to-do senility.

Believe it or not but a sandwich image in your dream may also refer to your amour affairs. For men such a dream foreshadows a disappointment with some woman whose favor he has been trying to win for a long time. Such a dream warns a woman against her rival.

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