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Santa Claus - Meaning of Dream

Probably everybody knows that the elderly person in a dream symbolizes the stability and prosperity. And if you see that you sit at the same table with a Santa Claus, it means that your life will be long and interesting.

To get a gift from a Santa Claus means news about inheritance or a good profit in the nearest time.

Since Santa Claus is a fairytale character and children wait for him all the time, such a dream foretells that everything in the life of a dreamer will gradually improve, and if he/she will properly manage own time soon all fondest wishes will come true.

If you see a Santa Claus in bright clothes with gifts, it means that some significant event will happen in your life, which will have a great importance and significance.

Santa Claus in a dream symbolizes wisdom, and all because it has a thick beard. A dream, about an old man with a beard means that you will work hard on the way to achieve own goal, but this path will be filled with obstacles. This dream foretells that you will need to seek for help of a wise adult person who will direct you on the correct path.

Dreaming of a cheerful Santa Claus, who is actively talking to you, foretells that in the near future you will be very lucky, nevertheless there is a small "but": beware of your enemies, as there are a lot of them among your friends.