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Satin - Meaning of Dream

Satin in a dream shows your desire to change your wardrobe. Even though you have a lot of good stuff, still you are not satisfied with things you have. This is not the best position in life, especially if you can’t afford many new acquisitions.

To see satin in a roll means that there is a bright and successful future ahead. Finally, your dreams will come true and you will get what you deserve.

If you buy satin or something made of it in a dream, it means that you will face troubles and disagreement with relatives and friends.

To measure satin for future sewing is a symbol of a long journey, which will bring you more experience and impressions.

If you wear a satin dress it means that you need to beware of a danger. If a man had such a dream, he has to be ready for bad rumors.

If you sell satin to someone you don’t like, it means that you will have losses in matters.

Also, if you are wearing satin clothes, it is a prognostic of love, but also disappointments or troubles at work.

In a dream you see your girlfriend in white satin dress, it means that she is very selfish in her life.

If you choose satin material in a shop, you will need to make a very difficult decision, which requires your close attention and balance of thoughts.