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Sausage - Meaning of Dream

In modern dream book, a sausage symbolizes luck and upcoming big profit. Maybe soon you will get an inheritance from some of your distant relatives, win the lottery or get a good income from the business that you didn’t hope for.

Eating sausage indicates that happiness for you - is foremost not financial well-being, but peace and comfort in the house. Therefore, in spite of not having large amount of funds, you will create coxy and comfortable atmosphere at your house; your family will be strong and very happy.

Cooking sausage in a dream is a good sign that promises you good luck in important matters. Many of your recent undertakings will be successful and will bring you joy and profit.

In Miller’s dream book if you cook sausage out of fresh meat, it signals of potential development of commercial enterprises, as well as evidence of the success of your endeavors in the future.

In Freud's interpretation, a sausage is a symbol of sexual potential and hidden intimate fantasies. If you dreamed of a long fresh sausage, it tells that you won’t have any difficulties in personal life; moreover, you will be attractive for many people. Perhaps, soon after this dream, a person whom you like will feel a strong attraction to you.

If you dream of neatly sliced sausage served on a beautiful plate, it signifies that now you are completely satisfied with own sexual life and do not wait for any changes in the relationship with current partner.

If you place the sausage in the fridge, warns that your fears and indecision in matters related to the intimate life will cause your dissatisfaction with personal life. If you saw sausage in a freezer, it means that your subconsciousness has accumulated a lot of repressed desires and unfulfilled sexual fantasies.

If a man dreams of expired sausage, probably soon he will have problems in the intimate sphere of life or he will catch a disease of the reproductive system.

The discarded remnants of sausage portend problems with the assessment of own attractiveness. You must learn to love yourself and behave confidently in a relationship with the pleasant people.