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Savage - Meaning of Dream

In the modern dream book, if you have a nice conversation with a friendly and talkative savage that smiled at you, it is a piece of advice for you: in reality you should listen to the advice of unfamiliar or completely unknown people. You may find that they are completely incompetent in your business; however, their advice may the only possible solution for you.

If a savage attacked you - be very careful, your enemies are ready to go on the warpath. If you dreamed that you were a savage, this dream warns: try to be master of yourself, or else your lack of balance and temper may prevent the execution of plans.

Dream book of Miller interprets a savage as the readiness of your enemies to act and attack you will their tricks. If you run away from an angry savage, it bodes that you will defeat foes with the help of own wit and cunning.

If in a dream you killed or brutally beat a savage, it bodes that when competing with the enemies you will act so decisively and boldly that they will decide to leave you alone for a long time.

If you were a savage - unfortunately, you won’t realize own plans. If you were angry with a savage, it is a warning: in reality you have to control the emotions and try to hold them at bay; otherwise you will lose the respect and trust of friends because of unbridled temper and sharp character.

If a savage was angry with you, most likely your imaginary friends are jealous of your success and material well-being, though artfully hide it. Look closely at own surroundings and you will definitely see people who dream to harm you.

If a savage told you abusive and angry words, then you will have to take care of a child, or will have an unpleasant conversation with superiors.