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Scare - Meaning of Dream


According to some sources, being scared in your dream is a bad luck. It doesn’t have an opposite meaning in the reality but a direct one. Its main interpretation is that you’ll strongly worry about something or someone in the future. There is already an oncoming danger. Be more attentive to your family and friends. Don’t leave them to the mercy of fate in the situations when your help will be very useful for them. Keep in memory that some time you’ll be in need for their help also.

Nevertheless, some dream books say that such a dream may stand for joy and pleasure for you and the people you aren’t indifferent to. The meaning is diametrically opposite. Especially successful will be your business affairs. You’re going to sign profitable contracts, make beneficial bargains, meet and involve in your business new clients and partners, etc. Don’t relax, and very soon you’ll get what you’ve been dreaming about for so long. Your efforts will be crowned with success.

If you are scared in your dream, it threatens an accident, in which you may be injured. Always remember it and try not to get into trouble. This accident may result into not only physical and financial problems but also moral traumas. The last one is often more dangerous for a person’s life than another two. In addition to this, you should not forget about the people who love you, and how injured they will be, if something happens to you.

Seeing other people but you scared in a dream is an unfavorable sign as the previous one. It cautions you against worsening of your material state and serious financial hardship in the future. Think, maybe you’ll see the way how to avoid such a situation. Maybe, you need to renovate your business for a higher productivity or to involve new clients and partners. If you feel a need in global changes, don’t be afraid of them and don’t resist them. They’ll help you and your company to get to your feet again. If you don’t have you own business but you work for someone, don’t let the grass grow under your feet also. Do your best to get a promotion. Strive for more. A bonus to your salary won’t be excess, especially during so financially difficult period in your life.

If in your dream you’ve managed to overcome your fear, it forebodes welfare to you and your family. There will appear no serious problems in the nearest future. Maybe, a dream with such content foretokens a situation, when you have to harness your willpower to resolve some problem which may threaten your future well-being. If you cope with it, your happy life won’t be overshadowed with the troubles of different kind.

A main reason for seeing such dreams, where you or people around are scared, is the state of internal anxiety and emotional overexcitation in waking life. When you remove it, then you won’t see such dreams anymore. To do this, you have to find out, what motivated such a state.

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