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Sea weed / Water plant - Meaning of Dream

To pull and cast ashore water plants tells about your mind being cleansed from stereotypes and clichés, but there may be headache.

To be entangled in seaweed shows that stereotypes prevent you from thinking clearly and assess the situation.

Beautiful, colorful seaweed is a notification that you have to be careful with misleading information on TV, radio, newspapers.

Water plants symbolize bearing down relationship with your partner. Therefore, if you dreamed about seaweed, it signals of a fact that you are tired of each other and sex doesn’t satisfy you anymore, as it is more a reminiscent of duties to you. This dream suggests that the time to break up has come, or you need to come up with entirely new ways satisfaction.

Algae foretell that troubles will take away much of your time and effort. If you dream that you are entangled with seaweed, it bodes intrigues around you, which can either easily destroy you, or hurt you a lot.

If you sink because you have been twisted and kept by algae - you can soon get sick, you need to avoid stress and alcohol.

The dream, in which algae grows filling the pond, signals of excessive frankness that cause you irreparable harm. Be careful in choosing a companion.