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Search - Meaning of Dream

If you search for something but can’t find that, it is extremely unfavorable sign, foretelling the loss and disease. If you tried to search for someone's location, it tells that in reality you will no longer be in need, you will devote more time to yourself. If you look for fleas, the dream warns of the scam in which someone tries to draw you, and that can only bring loss. If you search for bedbugs, you will have losses due to dishonesty of close people.

According to Miller, if you search for someone's favor, this dream promises you wealth and the lack of any need. A search for a hotel in a dream portends difficulties on the way to success and happiness. If you dreamed that you were looking for a needle, in reality you have to face meaningless worries.

If you searched for a job, this dream promises profits derived from some unexpected matters. If you search for minerals, you will take part in the futile quest. If you are searching for a crew, foretells the period of hard work that will help to strengthen the financial position.

If you were looking for someone in the morgue, in reality you will get stunning news about the death of a close person. The search for a janitor in a dream foretells small irritation, which violates the serene life.

According to Vanga, if you were looking for children, this is a bad dream. You can’t cope with any situation because of small misunderstandings.

Search in Freud's dream book personifies your dissatisfaction with sexual life. In order to assert yourself, you change sexual partners very often. If you search for something in a box, it tells that you are tired of routine in the sexual relations, and want to experience unknown sensations. If you do not stop looking for originality, you will lose the existing pleasure.

If you observe the multitude of people who are struggling in the search for a way out of the labyrinth, this dream represents your attempts to find the best solution to the problem, but you proceed in the opposite direction. Perfect option for you is a temporary solitude, but you are trying to see your partner in almost everyone. You need to soberly assess the situation and then the outcome will be obvious.