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Season ticket - Meaning of Dream

If you see a season ticket for a gym, it means that you are on your way to happy events in your life, pleasant changes and useful meetings. Season ticket to a gym means positive changes in life, new enjoyable and rewarding acquaintances. A season ticker for entertainment events means that you have to be ready for unexpected guests, and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol.

If your dream is about a season ticket to a theater or a public transport, it indicates the reflection of your calm nature and monotonous life. Deep inside you prefer quiet talks with close people, but sometimes you need to demonstrate opposite side of your character in order to have control over your matters.

Any other season ticket means profit and valuable findings. Don’t miss your chance and pay more attention in unknown surrounding.

If you dream that you come to a library, and there you were told that your books were detained for a long time and now have to pay a huge fine, it means that soon you will have to pay for the sins committed in the distant past.

If you receive a season ticket to a pool or a sports club - in the near future you'd better stay away from such establishments, as you risk getting seriously injured.

If you dream that you have lost your season ticket to the pool or gym - then be ready to face loss of more valuable things.