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Self-portrait - Meaning of Dream

If you see a self-portrait in your dream, in real life you’ll face a conflict with unknown institution. It is better to get familiar with it, and then it will be easier for you to solve different matters.

For a woman, to draw her self-portrait means that she will not be appreciated and nobody will understand her. This is a temporary state, the only thing she needs to do, is to find one friend who will support her, and help her to return authority in society.

If you present your self-portrait to somebody, it means that your plans will surprise your surroundings. Not everyone knows your hidden talents; therefore your creativity will amaze your new friends. If you present it to your enemy, it means that you will be successful. You don’t need to work hard for that, everything is gained with the help of efforts from the past.

If you see a self-portrait in a broken frame, it is a warning of upcoming disease. Be sure you are prepared, or better do as much prophylaxis as possible.

If you tear apart your self-portrait - be ready for soulful talk with your friend. The time has come, and you can no longer resist the pain. Now you need to tell everything what has accumulated in your soul and mind during long years of silence.

To see a self-portrait of person you already forget means that you don’t think of your surroundings, you forgot about your folks.