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Servicemen - Meaning of Dream

If you see a serviceman, in general if causes disappointment. Soldiers in a dream tell about misfortune which will damage your work and reputation.

If you see a dream with officers, it means violence, forced departure, unfruitful seek for protection. Captain symbolizes your noble motives, which will find fertile ground; for a young lady such a dream means jealousy.

Colonel in a dream foretells means that you will rise above your friends and acquaintances.

If you see a general, it bodes that you will gain patronage and then fame; to be at general’s office portends that somebody will be interested in you.

To see an admiral in a dream means unpleasant hassle associated with travel.

Field Marshal is a harbinger of deserved honor.

In a dream you took part in a military parade, it means that in real life you are tired of the chaos around you. Your nature requires order and discipline.

If you watch a film and see military prisoners, perhaps it foreshadows the fact that you will become a refugee.

If you are wearing protection armor and helmet, there will be a great benefit, good luck.

A peak, a long battle ax or a gun in your hand reflects happiness and benefits in connection with the movement in the service.

If you see military defeat in a battle, it foretells misfortune. If you are poor and hungry among the soldiers, it portends great happiness, and luck.

Military (Army) symbolizes active solution to your conflict. Also it is an indication of the discipline, which limits your life.

For a woman, the image of the military man is a possible emergence of a seducer in her life.

A dream, in which you see a chieftain, means strength and power.

If you communicate with a chieftain on equal terms, you will find an influential person who will provide you with his protection and help in career growth.

If you witness an assassination attempt on the chieftain or attempts to kill him - soon you will encounter unfair comment from your boss. Maybe in order to win the battle with your management, you have to resort to illegal methods, such as blackmail.

If you see yourself as a leader it portends that you will gain power over influential person, but do not use this power too often. Otherwise, you can lose everything.

If you see a political leader or a tribal leader, you will find yourself in the center of events which you will remember forever.