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Shares / Stake - Meaning of Dream

To hold shares in the dream means that in real life you will face huge expenses. If you don’t think carefully before buying something, you will spend much more, then it could initially cost.

To own controlling stake means that soon the time of changes will come. These changes will depend on how fast and active were you in your deeds concerning fulfillment of plans.

If you burn share papers and see dark black smoke – in real life be ready for financial collapse and decrease in your affairs. If the smoke is red – the dream means that very soon you will be successful.

To buy shares in the dream means that you will have problems in business. Perhaps you didn’t know all the pitfalls of the situation, and now you need to reap the harvest of your negligence.

If you sell shares in the dream – in real life your relations with important people and relatives with get better.

The dream where somebody sells shares means that more likely you will be deceived in serious business.

To receive shares as a present in the dream is a sign that you need to be careful, somebody of your surroundings wants to betray you. Another meaning – you will get profit.

If you keep your shares in safe, this means that soon there will be a hope that your affairs will change for better.