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Shark - Meaning of Dream

Shark in the dream is a symbol of illness or an enemy. Shark, seen in the dream, portends an appearance of enemy, indeed, a serious and dangerous. To fight this enemy will be very difficult, and there is a very little probability that you can win in this fight.

If a shark in your dream is a harbinger of the disease, it will be severe and prolonged. So please be patient and obey all of the demands of your physician. The severity of the situation will be estimated by the details of your dream.

If you have been attacked by a shark in a dream, but survived, in real life, you will be able to get out of a difficult struggle as well; without loss and with only slight dismay.

Most likely, your enemy, after all, will be defeated. If you could not get away from danger, in life you will face serious problems and troubles, and you will not recover from it very fast. You will experience competition with enemies, financial losses and defamation. Your friends and even relatives can turn their backs on you.

To dream of a passing shark, it means a danger that can occur suddenly, in case you lose your diligence. This dream indicates that your enemies are preparing to attack, which could be performed at any time.

If you see a shark that swims very fast to you, it means that you are in a great danger. Most likely, you will suffer from the hands of a stranger as a result of the machinations of someone from your surroundings.

If you dreamed of a dead shark, it means that your guardian angel will help you to defeat the evil enemy. Do not forget to thank him and he will come to your again. Such dream means success and good luck in all spheres, both professional and private.

To dream of a shark attacking a human, means that soon you will make some kind of an action, which will be a result of your friend’s suffering.

If you dream that you are trying to swim away from the shark, it means that in life you refuse to help someone who needs you very much. In the future, you will feel sorry about this action, but it will be impossible to fix anything.

If you see a shark or a dolphin in the clear water, it means that you feel sexual desire.

Virtually in all over the world dream books give the assumptions that fish in the dream is a very good omen that portends receipt of substantial profits. It can be both material goods and the emergence of a new little family member.

If small predatory fish bite your feet or hands it means that the enemies will not leave you alone until they finish their violence.

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