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Sheep - Meaning of Dream


Sheep in the mythology of different countries symbolizes gentle nature, uncomplaining personality, cowardly, not having own will.

Dreams, in which there is this animal, often are explained as a symbol of the fact that in real life, you have to face the appearance of these qualities of character.

For example, if you dream of a herd of sheep, it means that you are very dependent on other people's opinions and do not know how to defend your own. You are quite worried about the present situation, but you do not have enough strength in character to change things.

If you dream that you shave sheep, it means that you are surrounded with helpless and non-independent people. You have to take responsibility and be firm. In addition, you will have to monitor the situation not to let it out of control.

If the process of shaving goes smoothly, it means that you follow all the plans. If the result of shaving disappoints you, it portends difficulties in your professional activities.

If dreamed of white and clean sheep, it means that your dreams will not come true. You have gone too deep into a fantasy world and it's time to go back to real life.

Dirty sheep with untidy wool in a dream, means that your plans should be reconsidered, perhaps you want to achieve something in dishonest way.

If you see lambs, this dream is interpreted as a sign that your life is filled with frivolous people who are wasting your time. You'd better stop communicating with them so as not to waste time on unnecessary things and talks. Bleating sheep in a dream is a sign of disappointment and sadness.

If you dream that you are pulling a sheep, it means that people often enjoy your gentle nature and dependability. You need to learn how to keep a stiff upper lip.

Dreaming of sheep drinking water, foretells that you will soon be in the spotlight at work. People will discuss your behavior and actions, and you have to make excuses. But the situation will be resolved for you safely and benefit.

If you dream of sheep grazing, this is a signal that you are in fact on the verge of committing a foolish act. It can lead to negative consequences, so once again, think about your behavior. If sheep run away from you in a dream, it predicts that everything will change in your life for the better.

According to Freud such dream represents the nature of the dreamer. He/she can not express own desires and dreams, and never talk about it with a partner. That's why with patience he/she takes everything that happens, not realizing that single attempt to change something may improve the situation.

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