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Shin - Meaning of Dream

If you see own or others' shins in a dream and it’s beautiful and slim, it bodes you to have future overshadowed by anxieties and even a little worries.

If you see shins swollen or crippled, it portends losses that are caused by the bad deeds of others and your own carelessness.

Dreaming of broken shins bodes acts that will not differ with special thoughtfulness or logic. The situation may completely beat out the ground from under your feet.

Shaved shins mean the loss of a friend. Don’t always say what you think, sometimes it is better to hide your opinion, because it can offend people around, and you may stay lonely.

Wounds, bruises or abrasions on the legs indicate that you are anticipating an obstacle or a trick. So, often this dream warns you from attempts to implement any ideas.

Healthy, slender shins, by contrast foretell that you will avoid the steps and pitfalls in the foreseeable future, you have nothing to fear of, and you can feel free to implement the plan, and enter upon a project.

Strong shins in your dream signify that you will be able to solve any difficulties.

If you see injured shins, it foretells that somebody or something is trying to place obstacles on your way.

A dream in which you see smooth shins foretells that you will be separated from a beloved one.