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Shine (Gloss) - Meaning of Dream

Shine in a dream symbolizes deceit and self-deception.

If you see a shiny glass or a mirror, it means that your feelings to your partner will cool down.

The gloss of precious metals means that you will have success in all new affairs. The shine of jewelry – symbolizes a “forbidden fruit”.

The shine of starry sky which you see in a dream is a prognostic of happy life.

The shine of sun on wet grass or snow means that soon something pleasant will happen. For farmers – it is a sign of good harvest.

Shiny eyes in a dream are a sign of someone’s admiration of you. Somebody wants to have a date with you. Shiny eyes of an animal warn you about a scandal.

If you see a gloss of a lightning – be careful, something threatens you.

To see a gloss of water means that you incorrectly judged a person, whom you have met long time ago.

Shine of gold or coins means that your plans will not be fulfilled.

To observe shiny shoes on somebody’s feet symbolizes great luxury, but there will be a time when you understand that there is nothing behind that luxury. For a lady, such a dream foretells an acquaintance with rich but not very clever man.

Shiny glass fragments predict a lot of luck and happiness. If you dream of sheen on the surface of a lake or sea, you will experience a bitter disappointment with acquaintance, to which you had high expectations. It will not be as beneficial as you presuppose.

If you are a man and you dream of shiny eyes of a woman - in reality there is a real reason for caution: do not get involved in frivolous and reckless love affairs. It looks like your current lady loves only your money.

If you dream of shiny polished lacquered shoes, most likely, you evaluate people by their appearance, lured by the luxury and ostentatious glitz that prevents you from seeing reality.