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Shingles - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of shingles, your future fate depends on its condition. If you saw shingles on the human body, this dream promises monetary profit; lichen on a tree points to a prosperous and happy old age; tetters on the body of the animal - the ability to overcome setbacks and difficulties. Ringworm can also become a sign of serious illness.

Shingles for women can be a symbol of prosperity and new acquisitions. If you saw it on your hand, the dream forebodes a great wealth in the foreseeable future. But if you dreamed of shingles on your legs, this is a herald of serious illness or loss.

If your body is completely covered with shingles, this dream portends pressure and confusion in business.

If a woman dreams of a tetterous animal, it indicates that she should better consider the circle of her friends, because she may suffer betrayal.

If a man dreams of shingles, it is a sign of success and good friendship. Shingles on the hands of a man means that he will have to exert a lot of effort to get the profit and it will be really big. If a man dreams of shingles on the body of a stranger, this is a good dream. In a short time a dreamer will be promoted with a help of a new friend.

Ringworm generally portends the poverty and the loss of values, both material and spiritual.

If a child dreams as if the shingles covers the whole body, the dream tells that your child will probably get sick soon, but not severely. Ringworm on child’s body may indicate that there is quite a dishonest friend in the environment who can spread bad rumors.