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Ship - Meaning of Dream

Among the negative interpretations of the dreams about a ship can be the image of shipwreck, which means failure in affairs, bankruptcy and the possibility of being cheated. This dream portends future troubles and problems in business.

If you died as a result of a shipwreck, the dream tells that you have to demonstrate a great will power in order to solve all problems in life. And if you see other people suffering shipwreck, it tells that your attempts to help friends in reality will hardly be successful.

Also, a ship in a stormy sea is not a very good dream. The fate warns that a dreamer may get involved in some kind of scam or intrigue and be out of luck in the affairs, or fail the conclusion of a profitable trade.

If you dream of a warship, it foreshadows upcoming separation from family, friends, and even the departure of the motherland.

In fact, there are many interpretations of the dreams about ships. It all depends on the atmosphere, and under what circumstances a person saw the ship.

If you dreamed of your sailing, it indicates a strong desire to change life, which will soon be implemented in reality.

Best of all, is if you saw yourself as a captain of the ship. This signifies that you are on the right track, and all plans will be implemented.

If the ship floats away, and you are late to board it, this is a hint not to miss the good fortune in life.

The ship, which returns to the port, promises salvation from danger, and the ability to find "shelter" and get the support of friends. If you dream of constructing a ship, it may be a harbinger of romantic adventures and joyful events in personal life. Especially beneficial is a dream about a big and well-equipped ship, this means that fat days are round the corner, and luck will re-enter your life.

A dreaming of a ship is a good and happy sign. In addition to the positive changes in life, this dream will open your energy potential for productive activities. This dream foretells positive changes and improvement of well-being.

In addition, a dream about a ship may portend upcoming honor and glory, as well as great achievements in public and social services.

Since sailing on a ship forebodes big changes, it is necessary to consider fate signs and try to improve on the lifestyle: to find a new job or change the place of residence. The fate only gives us signs in the form of dreams, and we need to interpret them correctly and use for own benefit.