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Shipboard - Meaning of Dream

If two large ships pass and slightly hit each other with boards, this dream warns you that in the hectic of weekdays you may not notice the person who is destined to you by fate.

In a dream you are on board of a modern comfortable ship as a passenger, in reality you are planning to take part in a very risky business. Most likely, this adventure is nothing but trouble for you.

If in a dream you are on board of an aircraft and witness an accident, in reality you will be powerless to affect the unpleasant situation that may occur in the coming days.

Shipboard with a large sign in a dream book of Miller predicts that you will have a chance to spend excellent weekend or holidays. Such a possibility will be a complete surprise for you.

For business travelers the same dream promises lucrative contracts with foreign partners.

If you fall overboard, this dream foreshadows events the results of which will disappoint you.

If you leaned over the board of a vessel (ship, boat, etc.) and look down at the water, soon in your life there will be significant changes.

If such a dream is seen by a young girl, she will have to leave home.

If you feel sick on board of a ship, such a feeling means that you are not confident in own abilities. To get rid of it you have to prove to yourself that you are capable of many matters.

To see shipboard in a dream is a sign of good time in comfort surrounding in the nearest future.

If you see yourself overboard in the water, in real life you will be very disappointed with something.

To observe the waves over the shipboard means that you will have changes in private life. For a young lady, such dream is a sign of moving into a new flat.