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Shirt - Meaning of Dream


The dream is a peculiar state of the human body, in which our brain goes into "deep" state, but still some of its parts continue to entertain with a variety of pictures and stories. You do not often meet people who very rarely have dreams.

Of course, there are nights when you just sleep and dream about nothing, but it may indicate either strong physical fatigue or calm nervous system.

Still, most people almost every night have dreams that can repeat the events we had during the day, or show very unfamiliar situations.

If a man dreams of own shirt on woman’s body, it means that most likely he will start to betray his partner. Very soon she will discover the fact of such behavior and will most likely break up with him.

If a man is single, it means that soon he will have a short passionate love affair in real life. He will find a girl not in his surrounding, she will appear from nowhere, and the same way will unexpectedly disappear.

If a woman dreams that she is wearing a shirt, it means that in the near future she will have a long-awaited meeting with a man of her dreams, but it will be a fast-paced romance. It is unknown, what the result of such romance will be, anyways both of the lovers will be glad.

If in the dream you have lost your shirt, it warns that in this period you should not take the initiative, because there are still obstacles on your way to success and career growth. In the near future you affair will stagnate, and it is better not to start any new projects. Such dream may also lead to deterioration in relations with others, including loved ones. It is advisable not to starts conflicts, try not to argue and give way in any issue.

If you dream of torn shirt, it is advisable to postpone the execution of goals and desires, as there is a high probability of material loss. In addition, such dream indicates the collapse in trade matters, trouble or bad luck in your endeavors.

If the shirt is dirty but isn’t torn, then in the near future you are likely to be infected with an infectious disease, but if you treat it in time, you will forget about it and will never remember.

In case when the shirt is dirty and torn, your disease can cost a lot, both financial and moral, and eventually will transform into chronic stage. After such dreams, it is desirable to be more attentive to the people with whom you communicate the most. Besides it is better to take a course of a vitamin therapy that will help strengthening your immune system. Also, it will be useful to go to the sea or to the forest, where you have the opportunity to regain lost energy. The tension in your body and mind will disappear and you will go back to work without fears.

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