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Shoes - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of shoes at night on Saturday or Sunday, then get ready for the tumultuous days. You will worry even because of the most trifling occasion. Try to calm down and do not take failure close to heart, otherwise you will face prolonged depression and disappointment in life.

If you dream that you are wearing shoes of wrong size, it means that most likely your family is very unhappy with the fact that you are paying too little attention to them. You do not realize this fact, but they shy to say that your negligence and distraction hurts their feelings.

If you dream of admiring new shoes on your feet, it means that very soon you will experience your financial assets growth.

If you see shoes on the shelf in a shop, it means that you will miss a real opportunity to significantly improve your financial position.

If you see that you have to wear uncomfortable or unfashionable shoes, it means that in reality you have to morally prepare yourself for a decisive conversation with the object of your affection. It is possible that after that fateful conversation, you might get married.

Dreaming of wrong size shoes on your feet means that you have bad relations with your soul mate. Try to change your attitude towards others, otherwise you will not be able to avoid serious conflict.

According to a dream book by Miller, if you see a stranger wearing your shoes, it is an evil omen. There is a strong likelihood that your partner will fall in love with another person.

If you wear new shoes, you will have a runaway success in business, and increase in salaries. If you dream of tread out shoes, it means that you have to behave cautiously and prudently with your enemies.

To wear shoes in a dream is also a prognostic of a happy trip. But if you lose shoes in a dream, it means that you will have some obstacles in life, but you will gain something important.

If you repair shoes, in real life you will be satisfied.

To sell shoes in a dream, according to the dream interpreter, means that you will have some financial affairs. And only your efforts can influence the results and bring profit in those deals.

Sopping shoes mean infidelity, clean and shiny – settlement of affairs, too tight – disorder in family or in private life, wooden – nasty distractive connection, to lose shoes – poverty.

If you sew shoes, for rich people, it means decadence and poverty, for poor – is a sign of happiness and prosperity.