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Shop window - Meaning of Dream

To see your own reflection in a shop window means upcoming early promotion. It will be a surprise for you, because you have been accustomed to the fact that nobody pays attention and never praises your work. In fact, someone is watching after you carefully, and soon you'll know about it for sure.

If you look at goods in the shop window, it indicates that you are an indecisive person, and sometimes it is difficult for you to give preference to something or make a choice. Because of this behavior everybody think that you are different from the way you are in real life. You often do somebody else’s job, paying other people's debts. You should exert power and strength of character at least sometimes.

If you stop and think outside the shop window - soon you will discover the true state of things, you will get a little disappointed, but it will do a power of good.

View inside of the shop window means that your requests do not match your capabilities. Reduce your appetite; otherwise it might lead to troubles.

If you observe a shop window with colorful glass, it foretells that your demands and interests will not change with age. But they need to be reconsidered.

To be inside of a shop window means that you're stuck and do not achieve more, "resting on laurels". The dream encourages you to get out of dormancy.