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Shot - Meaning of Dream

A shot is a harbinger of speed and surprise. If you've been waiting for someone to answer or respond to your request, it's time to receive it. Be prepared for the circumstances in which you may not like the result you’ll get. If you are shooting in a dream - it's a good sign. Have you been preparing for the upcoming success, both at work and in family affairs. The larger is the weapon you happen to shoot with, the grander will be the event itself.

If in a dream you were being shot, it foreshadows you a long life and good health. A shot in a dream book Miller symbolize aggression and frequent quarrels over trifles. If a person is in love and he/she shoots, it portends fast marriage.

If you come under fires, it is a herald that you might find yourself in a difficult situation, which will be very long to solve, even with the help of influential people and friends.

A series of shots in a dream book by Vanga foreshadows that you will find a lot of innovations, especially in dating. All of them can be beneficial, though not pleasant, if you try to skillfully avoid conflict situations. If you die because of a shot, be ready for betrayal of close people or friends. If you shoot a man, but he is still alive, it bodes that you can insult a close friend who will long be mad at you.

Hearing a sound of a shot warns about hardship and fuss in family life that might be triggered by your selfishness. Negligence in affairs will not let you wait.

A pistol shot means that you are trying to avenge evil acts which someone performed towards you. Cannon-shot foretells problems at work.

For a woman, a dream about gun firing could mean that because of her nature, she might deserve a glory of grumpy and quarrelsome person.

If you experience the feeling of a dying person, it bodes that you have to face sudden insult of your friends against you; but if you managed to avoid death by waking up sharply - then later you will completely reconcile with friends.

If you shoot to kill in a dream, you will encounter humiliation from your close people.

Shooting a gun indicates that your explosive nature cause you a lot of trouble.